Green Book
Dashboard Instructions

Goal and Spend Tab

  • Filters are located on the left side of the screen highlighted in green. Use the agency dropdown menu located in the upper left corner to filter by agency. The charts on the right will reflect data from the selected agency. To remove a filter and show all values, click the Revert button in the gray toolbar located at the bottom of the dashboard.
  • To view new planned acquisitions that have not yet been awarded, use the planned acquisition button at the top of the page. Please note, the value shown in the planned acquisitions tab will differ from the total value shown in the Goal and Spend tab because only new acquisitions are included in the planned acquisitions tab. The planned acquisitions tab also excludes contracts for postage, subscriptions, software license renewals, and contracts containing vendor names to which they have already been awarded to.
  • To view special exceptions depicted as the light gray slice in the pie chart, use the special exceptions button at the top of the page. These are examples of expenditures that are not SBE eligible where contracts are currently in place or the agencies determined that SBE capacity was not available. The special exceptions tab excludes those funded by dedicated taxes, federal grant funds, federal payments, federal Medicaid payments, and private grant funds.

New Planned Acquisitions and Special Exceptions Tabs

  • Filters are interactive, click anywhere to filter the other charts. You may filter by category, NIGP code, NIGP description, Agency, and Quarter. To view the entire data set/revert to the original view, click the Revert button.
  • To filter the charts for a specific NIGP code, either locate the code in the NIGP Code and Description chart and click on it OR use the search boxes located below the chart. To filter the charts using the NIGP Code search box, type the first three numbers of the code in the search box filter and hit enter. To filter the charts using the NIGP Description search box, type a keyword in the search box filter and hit enter. Hit the x button to clear the filter or use the Revert button.
  • To view specific project information, hover over the dollar amount field and a tooltip will appear with additional information.

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