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More than $900 Million will be spent with DC Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) in FY 2021.
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By the Numbers

FY20 Preliminary Spending

$ 0 M

Total FY21 Budget

$ 0 B

FY21 Initial SBE Spending Goal

$ 0 M


FY16 Initial Goal - 318M
FY16 Actual Spending - $691M
FY17 Initial Goal - $564M
FY17 Actual Spending - $773M
FY18 Initial Goal - $656M
FY18 Actual Spending - $875M
FY19 Initial Goal - $844M
FY19 Actual Spending - $924M
FY20 Initial Goal - $910M
FY20 Preliminary Spending - $976M
* The Fiscal Year 2020 Preliminary Spending with SBEs is based on transactions recorded to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer’s System of Accounting Record (SOAR) as of November 1, 2020. These expenditures are preliminary and unaudited and are subject to change. To view the final audited amounts and additional details about FY16, FY17 and FY18 SBE spending, visit

Featured Opportunity Areas

This year, we have identified the top 10 industries with high opportunity for SBEs. This section features almost $600 million worth of opportunities. This information is based on an in-depth analysis of waivers and special exceptions submitted by agencies. SBEs can utilize this information to gain faster insight as to where potential business opportunities exist that align with their service offerings.

Construction & Facility Maintenance


Health Care


Information Technology


Food Services


Financial Services


Education Services




Security & Safety Equipment


Professional Services


Legal Services


Planned Spending in
High-Opportunity Industries

$ 0 M

CBE Testimonials

Kim Alfonso - Results One LLC

“As a relatively new CBE which provides training and website accessibility testing services, I have been impressed with the current staff at DLSBD. Whenever I have a call or send an email, I am responded to with accurate information quickly. The team has always exhibited patience, empathy, and an understanding that this is all very new to many of us new entrepreneurs.

Socrates and Ramon Cala’ - The CALPRO Group

“My name is Socrates A. Cala’, and along with my brother, Roman A. Cala’, we own a District based CBE business called ‘The CALPRO Group.’ We have enjoyed doing business in Washington, DC, neighboring areas, and internationally for over 30 years. Our family-owned meeting planning firm produces tradeshows, conferences, meetings, special events and also offers security services, staffing services, and entertainment services amongst many others in the hospitality industry. 

Gregory Casten - ProFish

“The CBE program has been a real benefit to me. Further, DSLBD has provided much mentorship and training in understanding the complexities involved with government contracting and preparing my business to be qualified for and useful to the Contracting opportunities and the businesses who have contracts and need to use a CBE company. As the owner and operator of several small businesses located in multiple wards (2, 5, 6, and 7) in the District, it has been a great relief to have DSLBD’s support and the CBE certification. 

Green Book Worksheet

The Green Book Worksheet is a companion tool to help SBEs use the Green Book and find and prepare for DC Government contracts. Download it here. 

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